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Making molds that produce the highest quality parts

Thermold is one of the few injection molding companies in the United States that designs and builds custom molds in-house. While most companies now procure molds exclusively overseas, Thermold is able to offer both in-house domestic U.S. and overseas options to our customers. Thermold’s craftsmen are self-reliant and capable of building, revising and repairing molds according to our customers’ needs. When tooling is completed at our plant, we are able to reduce production lead times and maintain the highest standard of quality control. Of course, should you wish to produce your molds offshore, our trusted partners enable us to provide quality tools. In either case, your molds are maintained at our facility, so we can produce quality parts as you need them for years to come.

Our commitment to technology extends to our tooling department. For example, our HAAS VF2 CNC Machining Center is fully integrated into our network, allowing for direct interaction with our Engineering Department and greatly decreasing turn-around time for product production or revision.